Whitby Wailer Blog

  • Aug 16

    Welcome to the Whitby Folk Week Wailer; if you have downlaoded the App then the following changes should already appear. Also, please note that 'Dock End', where some displays are programmed is the area that used to be known as 'Tourist Information/ Scoresby':


  • Aug 15

    This Girl Can’ Morris Dance: Girls’ carnival morris dancing in the 21st century

  • Aug 01

    As an infant I would either sing myself to sleep or tell stories until I did. I would carry the cat around the garden and tell her tales; the neighbour would switch off her radio, preferring to listen to me. At lower school I was always asked to be the narrator, never Mary or even an angel. So it was clear early on that I was good at talking, and especially great at talking to an audience.

  • Jan 12

    We asked our new Patrons, Melrose Quartet, a few questions, and here's what they said.....


    What was your first reaction when you were asked to become patrons of Whitby Folk Week?

    Jess - delighted and excited!

    Richard - surprised and privileged.

    James - honoured!

    Nancy - grateful and inspired for the future.

    What does Whitby Folk Week mean to you?

    Jess: Very special festival. One of a kind. It's like coming home, especially for those of us who used to live there!